pineapple paradise breakfast bowl (5 min) 

this breakfast is an easy, filling, and refreshing start for your day. while not everyone has a pineapple to carve into a bowl, a regular bowl and fresh pineapple for your toppings will work as a quick replacement. *Note that this bowl can be replaced with any other larger-sized carvable fruits like papaya, coconut, melons etc. 
pineapple (or any other large-carvable fruit / regular bowl)
your favorite granola (I used the toasted coconut granola from trader joes)
chia seeds
coconut shreds
non-dairy yogurt (I used vanilla coconut yogurt from trader joes)
step 1: cut open your pineapple / fruit in half and remove the head 
step 2: pour non-dairy yogurt into your fruit bowl
step 3: top with fruit of choice, chia seeds, coconut shreds, banana, and an optional agave drizzle for sweetness.
Fresh, quick, and easy 🙂

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