vegetarian recipes 8/22

while there are no specific instructions to make charcuterie boards, it helps when you have a list of ingredients and photos to mimic. the images I’ve provided above are from my favorite and most diverse board I’ve made.








fig & olive crisps

laughing cow low fat – agave drizzle

sharp cheddar

colby jack (cut into cubes)

miyoko’s – vegan garlic & herb cheese

garlic naan crackers 

red chili crackers

dark chocolate covered plantain chips

dark chocolate covered pretzels

peanut butter & jelly sticks

tomato & basil hummus



mango & spicy tofu spring rolls (25-30 min)

these mango and spicy tofu spring rolls are some of the most light yet delicious spring rolls you’ll have. rolling the spring roll is the most difficult part of the process and it may take some practice with a few to get started. the consistency is sticky and it’s easy to rip a rice paper sheet while assembling.



firm pressed tofu





sesame seeds

sesame dressing (some contain dairy)

soy sauce, peanut butter, chili paste, agave

*optional greens or bean sprouts for filling


  1. slice and cook your tofu in a peanut sauce by combining soy sauce and peanut butter to a 3:1 ratio. stir in chili paste to your liking. 
  2. dunk your rice paper into a bowl of cold water
  3. while still wet, add your mango and tofu to the base
  4. add the rest of your toppings into the middle of the base and roll.

to roll the rice paper you fold the side facing down over the toppings horizontally, then do the same to the other side. there should be two smaller square sides still open which you can tuck under the wrap by wetting the area with a little more cold water from your bowl. *this might take some practice, try to wrap it a few times before assembling your rolls*.

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