Portobello – Seitan Wraps (20 min)

these portobello-seitan wraps are great for a quick and light yet filling lunch. seitan meat is my favorite meat replacement – especially for tacos and wraps. seitan is essentially all protein, very low in carbs, and low in sodium compared to other vegan substitutes.



baby spinach

chopped kale


portobello mushrooms

bell peppers





salt, pepper, chili powder/paprika, garlic, lime

box of seitan meat (available at whole foods, target, and most grocery stores)



  1. chop desired amount of mushrooms and seitan into bite sized pieces
  2. season seitan and mushrooms with all the seasonings listed above to your liking
  3. cook mushrooms and seitan on medium – high heat until dark brown
  4. in a separate pan – cook down baby spinach and kale seasoned with garlic, lime, and light black pepper until warm
  5. warm tortillas to your liking
  6. add your taco filling to tortillas
  7. top with avocado / guacamole, salsa, cilantro, and lime juice

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